O man before the marriage of an absolute .. Pay attention

O man before the marriage of an absolute .. Pay attention

There is no doubt that the divorced woman has experienced a very bitter experience and suffered a very emotional wound, as a result of the collapse of the institution of Islamic marriage, the world collapsed completely, and is certainly entitled to be linked again to another man,

But a man who thinks of being bound to a divorced woman must pay attention to many things,
Including the following:

The divorced woman has suffered very severe psychological pain as a result of her separation from her partner, which means that she may want to control the man in the new relationship so as not to fall at the mercy of the man, so protect herself from suffering again, so the man should pay attention to this indicator before taking The decision to marry an divorced woman.

2- Comparison of the new man with the old partner:
The divorced woman has lived with a life partner before the divorce, so she has a treasury of memories with this partner that will not erase her in a single moment, so she may fall prey to a comparison between her former partner and current partner, and this is of course unintentionally hers.

3 -
The divorced woman may want to prove that she is still female, desirable and attractive, in front of her former husband and her husband and in front of herself as well. She may resort to marrying the first person who knocks her door in order to achieve this. She suffered greatly from divorce and suffered more than the negative speech Hear it whenever someone knows the subject of divorce.

4- Sons:
The divorced woman who has sons from a previous Muslim marriage puts many responsibilities on her shoulders and the man she will marry, because here she will not be alone in the relationship with the man, but she and her children, so she must communicate with her former partner in order to organize the lives of the children, Putting women and men under pressure.

It is clear that women's exposure to divorce does not diminish, but it is imperative that the man who marries her be understanding and receptive to her situation. She wants to feel safe in the new relationship because she has lost confidence in the old relationship. And to recuperate with herself, to accept her position, and to discover the lessons learned from her separation from her former husband , In order to ensure the success of her new relationship with her partner Dade, divorce is not the end of the world, but a stage, which is the beginning of a completely different new life.