Reasons for neglect of the wife and treatment of the husband

Reasons for neglect of the wife and treatment of the husband

The successful couple, or the successful marriage, is the one whose moments are all happiness and understanding. It is the feeling of the two lovers that each moment of their life is the sweetest moment and that the other can understand it without the need to speak a word and feel that they are one soul. In two different bodies.

But sometimes, the wife's behavior changes, even though she is the sensitive, compassionate woman on her husband, becomes colder and neglects her husband
When this happens, the man has to stop for a moment and think about what he has done. He suspects that he has angered his wife so much that she is no longer able to forgive him, and has reached a point where she is neglected. There are some things that a man might unintentionally reach. To this degree of carelessness, he must pay attention to her and take care of her, so that he can regain the affection and fear of his wife.
The most important reasons are:
The husband neglects her husband when he neglects her, when he begins to move away from her little by little. When he prefers to watch football instead of talking to her, when he does not care about the small things that matter to her,

When a man can not do anything his wife does for him, and when she feels that she does not take anything for what she does for her, when she does not hear a word of thanks and gratitude, she will be distracted by time.

When she feels betrayed to her, and when he apologizes more but does not benefit from his mistakes, he will become for her a person without any value and will be neglected and become a person like the rest.

The husband neglect the intimate relationship of sexual intercourse, which negatively affects the psychological and social status and health of the wife and this reason is a very important reason which forces us to discuss the causes and methods of treatment:

The relationship was established on the basis of marital passion and instinct or the so-called intercourse and we can call any label we want but all the meaning hovering around the following is the first fall under all the meanings of the ten best and treatment which is the best and affection and mercy .. Etc .. The second we can call any of the labels The following or their derivatives are instinct and spend the homeland and desire and intercourse is the basis for reproduction.
Among the reasons for the husband's neglect of intercourse:
Increase the husband's responsibility to provide a decent life for the wife and children, which may negatively affect his psychological state and thus affect the intimate relationship.

The deteriorating physical conditions, which also affect the psychological state and also cause a kind of fear and tension and think about what will result from this relationship of pregnancy and childbirth and other while the husband is doing his utmost to get the strength of his day.

Aging of marriage.

The most prominent treatment methods of all these problems:
The woman should be the closest people to her husband and share all aspects and hobbies, whether watching television or play a particular game, for example, even if she does not like it because it will return positively to them, then will look at all the pleasure and the intimate relationship that will complement this happiness shared between them .

To give the wife without waiting for the payment of the husband because the husband if he felt waiting for the return will grow the feeling that the wife is not given to him out of love.

Do not pressure the wife on her husband in need and needs of the house and satisfaction with little and conviction.

The wife's innovation to new ways to attract the husband and attract his attention and the absence of a traditional pattern of married and sexual life, but on the wife surprise husband is always unexpected in unexpected times.

Taking into account the psychological state of the husband.