Women use words

Women use words

The man is confused and confused when dealing with women, and this casts a shadow on the relationship of the Islamic marriage that brings them together

Because the man's mind is completely different from the woman's mind, and the circumstances of bringing up each other are completely different
Which makes there is a misunderstanding between the spouses, and there are several facts about the woman if the man knew that their relationship together will improve greatly, including the following:

Women speak more than men:

The woman used to live in groups close to the cave
It was necessary to build strong ties and relationships in order to survive
But the man used to hunt the prey in silence, and each had a very different activity from the other
In our time, women still speak nonstop, and men do not like to talk too much
The man's mind is not proficient in the use of language and words, so the number of men with speech difficulties is more than the number of women.

The hadeeth of a woman is different from that of a man

Women's talk represents a kind of reward and strengthen relations with the other party, women speak when you want to notice the other important,
So when you do not like someone or do not feel comfortable about him, she does not talk to him, or do not trust him,
Women use silence as a punitive method, but this means only with women
But it does not work very well with men, because men feel that everything is fine when women stop talking
Therefore, this should be taken into account in the people who are getting married.

Exaggeration between men and women:

The man exaggerates the facts and the information, but the woman exaggerates feelings and sensibilities
A man may exaggerate his achievements and his importance, but women exaggerate how much they feel about someone or a specific problem
Women accept the exaggeration when talking, because they are part of the female character, and this exaggeration make the man feel frustrated
Because his mind is interpreting the words literally, so the man must understand the need for women to exaggerate feelings
Therefore, he should not deal with her words literally, and women should work to talk about facts and data and to avoid exaggeration when talking with men
This will enrich the Muslim marriage relationship better.

Women do not speak directly:

When a woman speaks she makes a hint or a conclusion, as she talks on more than one topic at the same time,
Which makes the man feel completely lost, indirect talk makes women avoid differences with others
It also prevents her appearance as authoritarian or aggressive. All this in her view confers harmony on her relations with others and her relationship with men within the marriage relationship
But women understand the style of women when speaking indirectly, but the man does not fully understand it
He feels that a woman does not understand what she is talking about, does not understand what she is talking about, and finds it difficult to keep talking to her.

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