The failed marriage and the reasons for its continuation

The failed marriage and the reasons for its continuation

The success of marriage is not easy, but it requires the effort of the couple to be successful marital life between them and be a quiet life full of love and happiness and warmth for both spouses and children and this needs to understand each party to the other person's personality and try each party as much as possible to repair the defects of the other party But the couple may not be able to understand together and thus be a permanent dispute between them and be a life between them failed failed to have any love or affection between the parties and life between them is almost impossible and if life between spouses is impossible there are couples prefer separation but there are other couples prefer to continue Despite the failure of their lives and the reasons that may make the couple continue to marry despite the failure of the following reasons:

the fear :

Fear is one of the main reasons that may make the wife prefer to continue to marry despite his failure to separate from her husband because most wives are afraid to hold an absolute title, this title feels very frightened and makes her feel safe and stable.


Many women do not want to face their failure, and many wives do not want to hear the words of reproach and blame from parents and relatives and blame them for the failure of marriage and separation, so most wives prefer to continue the failed marriage.

Love Overload:

One spouse may love the other party very much and can not live without it so prefer to live with him and continue in this failed marriage to be separated from this party governs his heart in choosing things and does not listen to the words of mind, which may be the best and most correct.

Family and children:

One of the most common reasons that a wife may prefer to continue in this failed marriage is the children. The wife does not prefer separation if she has children so as not to distract her children, she would prefer to continue in this marriage so that her children can live in a calm atmosphere between the love of mother and father.

Financial source:

The wife may have no source of income but the husband if the wife resorted to separation does not have a source of living, so prefer to live in the company of her husband and under his care to be separated from him and find no source to generate income to live from it this may be a reason for continued marriage in spite of marriage Its inability to adapt to the other party.

Adapting to the situation:

The wife may have adapted to this situation and this life is full of exhaustion and differences and problems so do not resort to separation from her husband so as not to move away from her home and her children prefer to live in her home with her children.

Therefore, both the young man and the girl must check the choice in his partner until he chooses the right partner and both parties have a social, social and cultural consensus so that the marital life between them is happy, there is warmth and affection and love and respect for each other. If not checked both young and young in the choice Married life will have many differences and problems that may not be solved and life ends between them either by permanent differences or by separation.