Jealousy between spouses

Jealousy between spouses

If you find yourself jealous of someone, see your feelings may be in love and you do not know !!

Jealousy: It is a bad feeling accompanied by the desire to have a person with his feelings and his being and all that he owns and becomes a very painful feeling if it exceeds its limit and if it reaches doubt, it leads to the end of the relationship and love, strong love generates jealousy and intense jealousy kills love.
It is nice to feel that the one you love is jealous of you and we are scolding those we love because we love them, and we fight those who love us because we love ourselves.
There are many kinds of jealousy
One of the most beautiful jealousy (jealousy of love) and the worst (jealousy of hatred).

Jealousy at work.

The jealousy of friends (a person who feels distrustful of himself and feels lonely always greets his friends).

The jealousy of the child over his mother (an innocent natural jealousy in which the child is born and his mother is taken away from another child and may be changed by his father).

The jealousy of a man differs from that of a woman. When a woman is jealous, she may cry and the man becomes jealous when silent.
Jealousy of women is evidence of love and joy and joy of heart is proof of her lover to love her.
The jealousy of men is evidence of manhood, it is a manifestation of masculinity and reservation of the sanctity of women, so spread decomposition in Western society because of the weakness of jealousy and perhaps lack.
God Almighty changes us to love anything by increasing our concern about it. Forgiveness is a natural thing in Islam and many of the above mentioned situations attest to the life of the Prophet (PBUH) that one of his wives was jealous of him. And she and Malley marveled that no one like me would be jealous of you.
The Messenger of Allah (r): (Allah is jealous and the believer jealous, and the jealousy of God that the believer came what God denied) Narrated by Bukhari
But jealousy mentioned is the limits of jealousy, which pleased the heart is not accompanied by doubt, said Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him (Do not be jealous of your family, Vtrammy bad for you).
It is not good for a man to misjudge his wife with extravagance in jealousy. He kills love and may destroy marital life. When jealousy is natural and moderate, each spouse knows how valuable his or her value is when it renews love and strengthens feelings.
To overcome the excess jealousy, patience, self-confidence, and frankness with the self must be asked to ask the person himself. Is this really a concern and a bad feeling? Is the relationship already in danger?
We must also take into consideration the jealousy of others, particularly the jealousy of the husband's mother over her son. It is natural that she feels lost to her son, who has embraced him throughout his life and made him a man to move to another life without her.
We must take into account those feelings, and not to exaggerate in showing admiration and love in front of the mother of the husband and wish success to all.