The need for prenuptial counseling

The need for prenuptial counseling

The couple who are coming to marry see from their point of view that they will never need to see anyone, even if the nearest people to them because they see that the prevailing love between them makes them understand each other but on the contrary, most of the problems and disintegration of prisoners and divorce cases, mostly due to love because the period of engagement does not reveal the other But after marriage is a surprise, we must be very careful to do so, we must advise to overcome and overcome this life.

And from these advice on example:
The ability to deal with the difficulties and solve the problems faced by them at the beginning of their lives to overcome them

Learn to be careful to find a good relationship between those spouses and parents because you love if you loved and this also helps to connect and land between you ....

Sacrifice on both sides is a must and necessary to build a happy married life and not only love is enough

Take responsibility towards the wife by giving her some time because most men used to their pre-marital life and here at first creates quarrels and differences between them because she feels she lives alone

These doubles believe that marriage and a night are all joy, pleasure and joy and do not count the difficulties they find

That the wife also used in the home of her family full-time, for example watching television or sleep or something that is wrong because it has become a burden and responsibility towards her husband and her new life, the wife must be concerned so as not to suffer unexpected results

And we also talk that those couples who are full of love, tenderness and joy find that some of them are two different people who are quite different as if they will not know some of the basics as a stranger because they find a complete transformation in style, style and thinking and everything here is not enough love but love here has turned into cruelty and selfishness, Take advice before you skip this step

Do not take them feelings that this Habib my life and this sweetheart that I have mastered and that we will live a quiet and stable life without taking the view and this is a mistake because we generally live and benefit and learn from the experiences of others must take the opinion to enjoy a happy married life without disputes and problems God willing