The characteristics of the wrong man and ways to avoid falling in love with him

The characteristics of the wrong man and ways to avoid falling in love with him

Bad man's signs:
Still loves his former fiancee

He does not seem interested in meeting parents and taking a serious step.

Do not rejoice when you see the girl.

Has no fixed work.

He does not treat his mother in a good way.

Constant criticism.

Treats violently with a slap like beatings, humiliation and youth

With different religious beliefs.

Not loved by friends and family.

Addicted to alcohol or drugs.

He is pessimistic and has a dark view of life.

He has a criminal record of murder or theft, etc.

The enemy of women.

He has a marriage phobia.

There are several ways you can do it to avoid falling in love with an inappropriate person, including:
1. Know the specifications of the life partner:
The girl must remind herself that someday she will meet her life partner, who is characterized by the specifications that she wants and that this person is not suitable to marry him or live with him and that the relationship between them will be impossible and has many problems.
2 - listening to intuition:
The girl should open her mind and listen to what she tells her and she has to close her heart for several hours and listen to her introspection crying loudly from inside.
3. Communicate with other people:
The girl must form many friendships so that you stop thinking about him and also the girl to engage in multiple activities with people in order to distract her from the wrong person and when you feel lonely or unhappy to communicate with a friendly and friendly friend.
4 - not to examine his account on social networking sites:
The examination of the person's account on the social networking sites makes the girl know what he intends to do and what is being offered to him, but that also makes him play a big role in her life. She has to reduce the examination of his account every day little by little until she begins to ignore him completely.
5. Avoid excessive friendliness:
The girl should avoid long conversations with the person and also avoid night calls, which share the secrets of the private life of the girl's personal Here the girl does not make a friendly relationship with the person, but in fact drown in love and this is not good at all.
6. Consideration of defects:
Each one of us has its own shortcomings and the best way to prevent the self from the love of a certain person is to focus on the side of the system and bad for the girl when you remember this person you remember the disadvantages and this will be more effective when the girl writes a list of the main defects and why avoid falling in love and why this person Not suitable for them.
7. Self-esteem:
This is the main reason for refusing to love the wrong person and avoiding falling in love with him in order that the girl deserves a much better life partner than this person. The girl should put this point in mind.
8 - not hearing songs:
When a girl tries to avoid falling in love with the wrong person, she should avoid listening to emotional songs. She should listen to quiet music or the Holy Quran in order to calm her nerves and rest herself.